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FAQ about crusher machine for easier choice

Mount engineers not only excel at designing and manufacturing state-of-art crushers, but also at providing suggestions to our customers. To minimum your production cost, select a suitable crusher process is very important. FAQ is designed for your solution. If you have any problem, contact us.

1. What is the crusher used for?Crusher is a common machine in highway construction, ore dressing and construction slag recovery. It makes use of squeezing, shearing or bending to reduce stone. Simply, it breaks huge stones and rocks into small pieces.

2. What are the benefits of hydraulic cone crusher compared with conventional spring cone crusher?High rotating speed and long stroke together contributes higher production;Unique laminar structure makes particles in uniform shape and dimensions. Overload protection equipment is quick to operate to ensure stable output.Hydraulic equipment is convenient to maintenance saving time and man power. Cropper sleeve is used for higher carrying capacity when happen to shocks and huge amount of dusts.

3. How to select suitable materials for crusher parts? Toggle, cone and hammer all belong to quick-wear parts. Material selection should be done after detailed investigation of their special purposes and working environments.

  • Impact loadImpact load is the first consideration of material selection. The heavier the wearing part and the huger the rocks to be crushed and the larger the impact load. In this principle, high manganese still is a suitable choice. But for medium and small types, low alloy steel or high chromium cast iron will bring good economic profits.
  • Rock hardnessRocks which are to be crushed have an extended family including soft lime stone, coal mines, emery, trap rock, granite, quartzite and other hard stones. Different hardness requires different crushing equipment.

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