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Crusher selection assists with

An appropriate rock crushing line will significantly cut down on production cost and enhance production efficiency. As it is known that crusher machine is designed to break big stones and rocks into small particles for special applications. Various crushers are manufactured including jaw crusher, cone crusher and mobile crusher plant. But which is the right one for you? There is a list of 5 tips of crusher selection. If you encounter other problems about crusher, contact us without hesitation.

  • Rocks to be crushed Not a crusher is suitable for all rocks. Rock has a large family, from soft lime stone to very hard cobblestone. The most frequent rocks are to be crushed contains granite, trap rock, manganese ore, emery, quartzite and fused calcium carbide. Usually, jaw crusher machine including mobile jaw crusher plant is ideal for primary crushing for its huge reduction ratio and high capacity.
  • PurposesCrushed stones have extensive applications. Expressway construction, for example, offers strict requirement of rock dimensions and shapes. Rocks produced by cone crusher have excellent cubic shapes. Tell us your purpose and our professional engineer will give you a suitable resolution.
  • Working placesSometimes working site is not spacious enough to contain a whole production line of crushing. It is time to recommend mobile crusher plants. Whether it moves by tracks or tyres, its flexibility, compact structure and high efficiency will release you a lot of troubles.
  • Capacity Each crusher has a lot of models with different production capacity. So it is necessary to make sure the capacity before choose a crusher.
  • Environment protection Rock crushing will produce a lot of dust which will does harm to ambient environment. Hence it is necessary to equip dust removal equipment.

If take the advices above, you still feel confused, please feel freely to contact us for more professional suggestions.

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